Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get points for an annual exam?

For the annual exam, seeing your physician between May 1, 2017 and November 30, 2018 qualifies. For a past or future visit, please have your physician’s office sign the verification form or attach a screenshot from MyChart that shows you had an annual exam. The form can be found under Activities, Annual Exam, then the link to the form is in the box. Once signed, save to your computer then return to Annual Exam. Once the box appears click Update Status, Browse, and attach the form. Click submit. Once reviewed, your points will be awarded.

I had a dental and/or vision exam in 2018 or I have one scheduled. How do I get points?

The Dental and Vision exams are on the honor system. An exam in 2018 qualifies. Go to the Activities box, click the chosen exam, then click Update Status, then Submit Request. You do not need to send proof of the exam.

I received an email that says my device was disconnected. What do I do?

Whenever a user receives the email with subject " Your 'Device name' got disconnected from the Wellness platform.", please login to Target Health 360 and reconnect the device to your account.

How do I get my HRA points? How do I get points for my biometric labs?

You get 500 points for completing your HRA with or without including biometric lab numbers. You get an additional 750 points by including your biometrics (cholesterol and glucose numbers). Include your height and weight so that BMI can be calculated and included.

How do I add my biometric labs once I have them?

If you completed your HRA, but need to add your biometric numbers, go to the Health icon on the left-hand side, click Health Assessment, and scroll down to the BMI section. Click Edit Answers then fill in the values in the box that pops up. Once you add these numbers, you will be awarded the 750 points and you will also receive your Wellness Score.

I have my biometric labs but haven't started my HRA. What do I do?

You can find the HRA in the Onboarding box as Complete Your HRA or go to the Health icon on the left-hand side, click Health Assessment. Click New Assessment in the upper right-hand corner to complete the HRA. Once completed, you will get 500 points for the HRA and 750 points for the biometrics and you get a personalized Wellness Score.

Not seeing a check by completed activities right away? Experiencing glitches on the site?

The website works best using Google Chrome or Firefox. You may encounter a few glitches with Explorer but it will still work.

What is the Leaderboard and where is it?

To the right of the Dashboard is the Leaderboard. This is a running total of participant's steps that is cumulative over the past 7 days.

I see that I can log various things in Target Health 360. Do I need to?

Not at all. You only need to log your exercise if you are not syncing a wearable or app to track your steps gained from exercise and activities. Logging activity will award you a calculated number of steps based on the amount of time you did the exercise. Points are gained from achieving certain amounts of steps a day. For details, go to Points or the Program Guide that was attached to your email invitation to register.
The Health logs (i.e., Blood pressure, weight) are for your use only. The Nutrition logs are for your use only and is available for those who wish to track their calories. However, if you are already logging your food (i.e., MyFitnessPal) there is no need to do both. You do not receive points for keeping Health or Nutrition logs.

How do I log activity or steps?

Please go to the Steps and Exercise section in the FAQ’s.

I can't remember my username or it's not recognizing my email address. What do I do?

You can log in with the username you created or use your St. E email address with your employee ID (not your name).Once logged in, you can find your username by going to User Settings (circle in top right corner), Settings, and Personal Details.

How do I register for events?

Click the Events icon on the left-hand side. The calendar will display all upcoming events. Most are eligible for points and the points are next to the name of the event. Click on the event you're interested in and then click Register.

Once I have registered for an event can it be added to my calendar?

Yes! Once you click the Register button then click Add to Calendar and you choose the calendar you'd like to use.

How am I awarded points for events I attend?

To better facilitate points being awarded for attending various events, please utilize the event calendar by registering for the event in advance. A few events have limited space such as Spin class and the Suspension and Strength class. If you register but don't plan to attend, please unregister yourself to open a spot for others. For events like blood pressure checks, other group exercise classes, St. E races, or Walk with a Doc while helpful to unregister it is not necessary. Event registration makes awarding points faster and easier for Target Health.

I didn't register for an event but still attended. Will I get points?

Yes! You must sign in at the event you attend (i.e., exercise class, cooking class, chair massages) and those will be cross-referenced with Target Health 360 for points to be awarded. It may take 48 hours for points to be awarded. However, it is greatly appreciated if you register in advance as it makes awarding points much faster and easier for Target Health.

How long until points are awarded?

It could take 48 hours or more. It depends on how quickly Target Health receives the sign-in sheets or if the event fell around a weekend or holiday. If you don't see your points awarded after 5-7 days, please contact Target Health. Please note that Annual Exam verification may take longer.

I participated in a St. E sponsored race. How do I get points?

If you know you are going to participate in an upcoming race, please also register yourself within Target Health 360 to help facilitate points being awarded. Once you have registered with the actual event, please send proof of registration to Target Health at to receive your points.
If you participated in a St. E sponsored race, but didn't register on Target Health 360, send proof of registration to Target Health at to receive your points.

What if I registered for an event but didn't attend?

That's ok! You will not get penalized. However, it is appreciated when you are able to unregister for an event you know you cannot attend.

How do I see if I was awarded points for Activities or Events completed?

Click on the Points icon. Look in the Activities box. There you will see a list of possible activities with the subjects in blue letters. Click on the activity you'd like to check. A box will appear showing what you have earned points for.

I don't want anyone to see anything about me. How can I prevent that?

Your settings are defaulted to Private automatically. You must manually change the settings if you'd like anything visible to others. Go to User Settings (circle in top right corner), Settings, and Privacy.Change whatever you'd like others to see. Friends are those you have chosen or accepted as friendsand Public are all registered users within St. Elizabeth.

How can I add my spouse?

While spouses are not eligible to earn points towards gift cards, they are welcome to use all the features in Target Health 360. A spouse needs to be invited to register. To send an invitation, the registered associate will go to User Settings, Settings, then Dependants. Click the green "Add" button in the left corner. Fill in the information in the pop-up box and click Save. Then, click the green envelope to the far right of the newly added spouse's name. An invitation email has been sent.

My wearable shows my steps and my exercise activity, but I only see steps transferring to Target Health 360. Is something wrong?

Not at all! The wellness platform syncs your steps gained from the wearable (i.e., Fitbit) or app that you connect. It doesn't transfer exercise and it's not supposed to. For example, if your Apple Watch shows that you did 40 minutes of running and gained 5,000 steps, the platform will capture just the 5,000 steps. The way you gained those steps is not reflected in the platform. You do not need to also manually add the activity as that would cause duplication of step accumulation.

I don't have a wearable device. How can I get steps counted?

You can choose from several free apps that are compatible. You can find these under User Settings then Apps & Devices. The Apple Healthkit is automatically on all iPhones and can easily track your steps when you are carrying it.

I don't have a wearable and I don't want to use an app to track my steps. What other option do I have?

You can manually enter your activity and it will be converted to steps. Go to the Trackers icon on the left-hand side then click Exercise. Under Log Activity you can type what activity you did and how long you did it. You will then be given an equivalent amount of steps.

Help! I manually added too many steps, the wrong activity or added it to the wrong day. How can I fix it?

Go to the Trackers icon on the left-hand side then click Exercise. Find the date you need to edit from the small date box. Scroll to the bottom of the page to Logged Activity. Click Delete for the activity you need to change. Add the correct activity or steps to the correct day.

I need to add activity or steps from a previous day. How do I do that?

Go to the Trackers icon on the left-hand side then click Exercise. Choose the date you need from the small date box found to the right of the Log Activity box. Type in the activity or the word Steps and enter the necessary information.

I have my Fitbit connected but the steps aren't syncing correctly. What do I do?

If your Fitbit is connected to Target Health 360 but the steps aren't syncing, try opening the Fitbit app on your phone and allowing it to sync. Once complete, open the MyHealthPlus app. If it's still not showing the same numbers, it may need to be repeated. The same can be done on a computer if you aren't using the apps. If still not showing the same numbers, give it overnight and check again. If still an issue, contact Target Health.

I got an email saying my device needs to be reconnected. What do I do?

Log in to the website, click on User Settings, then Apps & Devices. Toggle the app/device you need to reconnect. That should take you to the log-in page of that app or device. Log-in and you should now be reconnected.On the app, click the three dots at the bottom of the screen and scroll to Devices. Tap Devices then follow the steps above.

How do I connect my Apple Watch?

There is a document located on the Device page. Access by clicking Connect Your Device in the Onboarding box or by clicking User Settings (circle icon in the top right-hand corner) then click Apps & Devices. The green bar across the page has a link to the document.

Is there an app for Target Health 360?

Yes! It's called MyHealthPlus and can be found in the App Store for iOS or Google Play store for Android. It is a green circle with a white plus sign in the center. You will log in the same as you do for Target Health 360.